We create the out-picturing of an intention for a specific purpose. Anna’s original pastel art is enhanced by Victory, highlighting details and adding dimension and new layers to expand on Anna’s intent to pursue the Innergy on all levels.

By Divine Design ~ Anna Casper & Victor LeRoi Smith






5/2011 Book Cover “Radiant Light Angel.”  When Your Heart Is Cracked Wide Open: Navigating with your Heart Through the Challenges of Life  by Taralynn Majeska.   Balboa Publishing 2012 (A Division of Hay House)

Radiant Light Angel

Radiant Light Angel

Anna’s Description of the Pictorial When Your Heart is Cracked Wide Open: Navigating with your heart through the challenges of life… “There is a pathway into your Heart, one that aligns you with your wholeness and the truth of your Self.  This pathway leads you to peace within the chambers of your heart.

The eyes of God within are ever vigilant in our becoming whole, burning through the glasses of illusion as the flames of desire create contrast to see more clearly the truth of who we are and what we can create.

Our infinite and eternal Self is always watching and guiding our path of Truth, illuminating the darkness of our ego to pull us further forward into Radiant Light. This Radiant Light is a constant companion for our darkest moments when our hearts are cracked wide open. This is the journey the Soul has chosen in order to extend beyond the self-limitation in which we keep our Hearts imprisoned.

Within our imprisoned Hearts there is a gift wrapped with an exquisite bow, waiting for the Self to unravel. Change is the essence of our journey. Letting go of old beliefs and perceptions brings us to the Center of our being where we find golden nuggets of Truth, which ends our suffering. We rise like the phoenix.” ~ Anna Casper,  Visionary Artist  Soul Energy