About Anna



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Anna Casper is a visionary and Reiki healer attuned and certified as Reiki Master/Teacher in the Usui Reiki tradition in August 17, 2004. She is also attuned as a Lightarian Reiki Teacher and has training in Kathara Healing, Pyramids of Light healing, as well as advanced training in Spiritual Response Therapy. She is one of four certified Toe Readers in the state of Wisconsin. A Certified Lifeline Practitioner, her repertoire of healing tools now includes The Lifeline Technique™ and Access Consciousness™ Bars practitioner.

Accepting the call to the path of the Earthkeepers, Anna also holds the nine rites of the Munay-Ki, the energetic “codes” for the new human known as “Homo-Luminous” or “Light Being.”

As an Intuitive Soul Artist, she has an ability to transmute negative energy and bring forward the highest potential of soul-fulfilling prophecy through her artwork. Anna’s perspective, support, compassion, and natural intuitive ability empowers you to rise above challenging life circumstances in seemingly magical ways to reach your highest potential. She will gently assist you in uncovering and harmonizing those unconscious patterns that keep repeating in your life experience.

“What healing comes down to is the relationship one has with one’s self. I am committed to my personal mastery. Peace in the world will happen as we stop reacting to our conscious and subconscious woundedness, when we find inner peace. As I shift and become more conscious of truth, love, and forgiveness in all situations, the world around me shifts.” Transform inner conflict to inner peace! ~ Anna Casper