Digital Body Scan**Find Out What’s Going On In Your Body**

AO_scan_and_cradelThe AO Scan Digital Body Analyzer is combination of technology from Russia, Germany, Spain, Asia and the USA. Most, if not all, of this technology is based on the works of Nikola Tesla, Dr. Royal Rife, Albert Einstein and others that realized that everything physical, at its most fundamental level, is actually energy frequency.

Biophysicists in Russia pioneered the work of identifying specific frequencies in the human body and amassed a database of more than 120,000 different frequencies.  These frequencies are the same in every person.

Medical researchers in Germany found that the health of an organ, tissue, system or cell structure within the body can be determined by passing micro current frequencies through the body and measuring the current’s resistance.

What is it?

     The innovative technology of this scanner has a detection mode and a correction mode. First, it DETECTS frequencies of the various cells, tissues, and organs in the body and compares them with a database of known healthy frequencies to determine if there are any abnormalities. After detection of frequencies. The program is able to select the appropriate frequency to balance the body through Frequency Optimization. Through frequency optimization, the body is able to CORRECT itself at its deepest level, the level of subtle energy. This program stimulates the body down to the chromosome level.

 *Non-invasive bio-resonance scanner

 *Magnetic resonance bioanalyzer

 *Comprehensive Database Analysis consisting of  Pathomorphology, Organ Condition, Emotional  Matrix, Conflict Matrix, Brain Disorder, Bacterial and Parasitic Frequency Analysis

 *Subtle energy frequency imprinter

 * Multiple healing software programs

Body Scan Comparisons

When this technology was compared with conventional diagnostic methods of Ultrasound, CT-Scan and MRI,the CHAO Comprehensive Scan showed to be far more accurate.  See the chart below:


Diseases AO Scan Ultrasound C.T. M.R.I.
Gastroenterology 74 – 86% 24 – 28% 19 -23% 30 – 34%
Pulmonology 65 – 72% 9 – 14% 10 – 13% 23 – 31%
Gynecology 78 – 82% 16 – 18% 14 – 16% 21 – 25%
Endocrinology 52 – 65% 7 – 9% 11 – 14% 13 – 16%
Oncology 38 – 42% 6 – 8% 12 – 16%  %


18 – 23%

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