Guided Visualization/Meditation

Breathing Magic Into Forgiveness

Catch the Wave!  Ride the Magic Carpet to a place deep within your heart where personal freedom and inner peace is possible through the power of self-forgiveness.


“Forgiveness of self  is such a key component of our physiological process as well as emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Breathing Magic Into Forgiveness™  guided visualization CD is multi-layered in energy work and leads one gently into this notion of forgiveness.  Understandably, it is not always so easy and is a process, especially when we are laden with guilt, resentment, hatred, all energies that shut down our cells and takes us out of the flow and goodness of life.”

Deep within your heart the magic of forgiveness transforms your life experience from one of inner conflict to one of inner harmony, balance, and peace!

You are guided and supported with sacred ambient music and tuning forks to cleanse, clarify, and purify your energy system into a state of white light by Breathing the Magic of Color ™ through the chakra system.

Now that you’ve created the space for blissful magic to occur in your life experience, relax and revitalize as you take the Magic Carpet Ride into Forgiveness™ to a place deep within your heart. Discover freedom, focus, creative flow, and a deeper connection with your inner being.

As reviewed by the Daily OM: “With her serene voice which makes every word spoken a sacred link in a wondrous chain, Casper has a palpable grace that carries through any set of speakers or headphones to engulf the listener in encouragement and possibility for healing”… “Her sultry, sweet, nurturing voice delivers each word with a thoughtful awareness that comes from being fully in the moment, and having nothing to hide or conceal; you can feel all the way through to the depths of her being through that clear, open voice. And Barry Goldstein’s soothing, gentle instrumental music matches her serene evenness every step of the way. Allow her to give your tired self the encouragement you need to forgive and move forward, and the positive energy you create will surprise you in how fast it changes your entire world.”  Erich Kuersten – Daily OM (May 18, 2010)