Toe Reading

Are you walking your destined path?  

Toe reading is based on the theory that your body holographically records the story of your life. The position and shape of the toes say a lot about their owner. Toes reveal how a person copes with their feelings as well as their thoughts.  There is more going on in the world, and specifically your world, than meets the eye.  And, it may just be your toes that reveal  the most! ♥ I need to see your feet in person.

‘My little ‘prosperity’ toe had been hurting for several years. I’d keep looking at it like, ‘Is the nail damaged? Did I cut the cuticle? Is something bruised?’ Nothing – which is why I was so intrigued to do the healing. Most of the hurt is gone since yesterday!” ~T.K.  Orland Park, IL

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