Cultivating Wealth Within

"May the abundance of God's grace continue to inspire you, leading you in faith, hope & trust." ~ Anna Casper

“May the abundance of God’s grace continue to inspire you, leading you in faith, hope & trust.” ~ Anna Casper

GO FOR GOLD!  What is true wealth? How do I get it? What are the obstacles preventing me from opening up the gift that I AM and manifesting the life I desire? In this three-hour workshop,  through a unique combination of meditation, relaxation, Byron Katie turnarounds, and turbo-charged EFT tapping, you’re on your way to becoming the Gold you seek.  That Center is where all the magic happens, Baby!


If it is my nature and in my Divine blueprint to be joyful and to be, do, and have perfect love…perfect happiness…perfect health…and perfect peace, why am I not living it?

Is there really gold at the end of the rainbow? How do I find it? Rainbows represent wholeness and God’s promise to each of us that we are to live joy-filled and happy lives.

Each color of the rainbow represents a part of us.  Perhaps there is a color of the rainbow you are out of harmony with.  Let’s integrate those parts so they become powerful allies on our journey through life.

Changing our outer circumstances is an alchemical inner process.  What energies need to be forged within to cultivate your gold?  It is through this forging process that you’ll begin experiencing wholeness and attracting the wealth, health, and harmonious relationships that are your Divine birthright.

Experience self-discovery, music, magic, fun, and celebration as we integrate our inner rainbows, Light our Flames, and Go for the Gold!

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