Breathe A Little Magic

Shawn Gallaway and I created this song inspired by the visualizations on Breathing Magic Into Forgiveness to keep the notion of forgiveness in the forefront of our minds when the waters of life are rough.  Magic happens when we can really bring this energy into our hearts and minds.  It is the key that sets us free from the past.  Set your intention for what it is that you want to create and choose to let go…

Conscious music at its best, Breathe A Little Magic  is a song that is BALM for your HEART and MIND, soothes your SOUL, and will get you dancing into at-one-ment! Stay tuned…


“Reminds me of the essence of Paul Simon’s Graceland album.” ~ William Mayer, Attorney

“It’s a Spiritual Revival, a gathering of souls. Build it and they will come.”  ~ Jon Zautner; Choreographer, Director, Artist.

“It’s a good ‘morning’ song; allows a fresh perspective to the new day.  Reminds me of Lyle Lovett.”  ~ Jim Gottschalk, Civil Engineer

“SAAAAAWWWWEEEEETTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!  It’s the BOMB, Banana! My dog Lily really did her own version of dancing when she heard the song, and she really tuned in to the magic of the music.”  ~ Ren, Private Investigator extrordinaire in all realms

Reminds me of Peter, Paul, and Mary.  It brings on an unexpected lightness and shifts my perception of how to view the world. It feels like “miracles with a cherry on top.” ~ Katia Cooper, Reiki Master Teacher; Movement and Self-Evolvement Coach

Have Fun!